Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The piercing is a form of expression

The piercing is a form of expression as old as the culture that has existed in virtually all civilizations. In the West, during most of the twentieth century was reduced to simple drilling of the earlobes to place outstanding. But in the last decade it has spread widely, especially among the young, to the point of being so common to find a person with an earring in his ear as another bearing one or more navel piercings, lip or tongue. The reason? It can range from simply decorate the body, to identify within a social group. It is impossible to establish the exact moment appeared ringed or body piercing in the history of mankind but the fact is that its origin is as old as the skin. For a variety of reasons is an ancient and venerable art in recent decades appears to have resurfaced.
And in the Rome of the centurions, members of the guard Cesar wore nipple rings to show their manliness and courage as well as their clothing and accessory that allowed them to hang them wearing short coats. This practice was also quite common among girls of high society d the Victorian era. They did it to enhance the size of their nipples.
The ringed navel Indian woman was a sign of the ancient Egyptian royalty and forbidden to all those who were not noble. In those days, very deep navels were most appreciated. It is all well known that many women in India have been ringed in the nose from very small. This tradition often conduct grandmothers, to be their granddaughters to band before they marry. It is thought to originally as a sign of submission and devotion of woman towards her husband. This piercing is performed on either side of the nose depending on the ethnic group to which it belongs women. When the slope is placed in the space between the two nostrils called it septum, ethnic groups from around the world have used it and many still continue practicing them, as in Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, Africa, India, at first its function was defensive and giving a more ferocious aspect but who wore their purposes are now also aesthetic and allow the various tribal groups differentiate themselves, know the social status of the wearer, etc. Some women of Rajasthan (India) have on their Septum large gold earrings finely crafted with a cultural and aesthetic purposes.
LADY XOC In some Mayan hieroglyphics dating from 709 BC the "Jaguar Skin", five days after assuming the title of Lord of Yaxchilan blood appears. These hieroglyphs and drawings looks and "rite of blood" practiced by his principal wife, Lady Xoc. This kneeling before her husband pulls a rope to the bones that have been inserted through her tongue. Perhaps this rite as old has to do with the origins of tongue piercing as we know it. Still today, among some ethnic groups in Brazil, it is customary to make a small incision under the lip gradually be enlarged until the desired size. In a circular piece so impressive body modification is placed. This time enlargements also often held in the earlobes.

Lip enlargement - Ethiopian Woman In many tribes of Africa (His villages, Sara, Lobi, Kirdi) is very common practice and there is a tradition that young girls begin to enlarge his lip at the time they promise. This whole process takes far courtship and wedding. It promised that makes a dish of baked clay that gradually will change for the larger one. The larger the silver, the higher the dowry the groom's family to pay the groom's family.
Since the days of the Inquisition and specifically Council of Trent, some religious communities have used the ringed genital (eg those belonging to the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face) as a method of chastity and trespass. The sailors and pirates accustomed to wear a ring in his ear every time I crossed the Ecuador. The crusaders brought with them large gemstone earrings court of Saladin. Turks influenced the aesthetics of his attackers with his big hoops dangling from her lobes. In the XVII century they believed that putting a strip of metal on the ear was therapeutic and even if it had been on the left side the devil would not enter their bodies properties. We could continue with historical references of body ringed but what we think is really important is the growing interest in recent decades by so visual, and sometimes shocking practices of primitive body modification as the piercing, tattoos, cutting, branding, dreadlocks. .

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